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Patrick Jane/Red John | Thomas McAllister - Works the mentalist lesben sex fanfiction Intense Lesbian Fanfiction is Autostraddle’s first original fiction, in three parts. It’s also the best thing that’s ever happened. The night was deep and dark over Ellen DeGeneres

Intense Lesbian Fanfiction, Part One: Blaze Is Here the mentalist lesben sex fanfiction An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

Fanfic - Tumblr The Red Stars {Book One} The Mentalist 14.2K 414 25 When Missy Thomas mother and sister are killed, she is asked to join the team at the CBI to help with the case.

The Mentalist - Works | Archive of Our Own YOU ARE READING. Within the CBI (The Mentalist) Fanfiction. A Mentalist fic, written about one of my all-time favorite ships, Agent Wayne Rigsby and Agent Grace Van Pelt.

Within the CBI (The Mentalist) - Chapter 1 - Wattpad Chapter 2: For Real This Time. After Renas and my little experience, I promised myself Id save my first sex for her. That pact lasted a whole month.

The Mentalist FanFictions - MentalistDisciples - Wattpad Notes: Set after the seventh and final season of The Closer (summer 2012) and in an uncertain post season 4 future for The Mentalist. References and spoilers from season 1 to 4 included, especially to pilot, season 2, 3.08, and season 3 and 4 finales.

The Mentalist 4x10 Jane kiss scene - YouTube [ The Mentalist- Fanfiction] Patrick Janes second first time. little_firestar Done as answer to the prompt on the kick meme : "Jane has sex for the first time after mourning for a long time his late wife, but he gets cold feet and need reassurance".

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little_firestar | [ The Mentalist- Fanfiction] Patrick the mentalist lesben sex fanfiction Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Patrick Jane/Red John | Thomas McAllister; Patrick Jane; Red John | Thomas McAllister; Summary. It had been years since that horrible day and still he was playing cat and mouse with the one who killed his family but who was the cat and who was the mouse was hard to tell sometimes.